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During treatment

This step in your treatment journey is an exciting one. You've decided to embark on treatment with Dr Bachmayer and our team so there's nothing left to do but get started!

Your fitting appointment

If you had digital photos and x-rays taken prior to starting treatment, then the next time you come in to see us, it's likely you will be walking out with your new braces or aligners in place. Your fitting appointment will be one of the longer appointments with us, usually about 1 hour. During this time we'll explain to you about how to look after your braces, how to clean your teeth while wearing braces and what to do in an orthodontic emergency.


Regular checkups

While you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with us, you'll need to come in and see us for regular appointments. This allows us to check your appliance is moving your teeth correctly and that your treatment is going to plan. These appointments are approximately once every eight weeks.

In between checkups, it is your responsibility to look after your teeth and braces. Any deterioration of your appliance or the health of your teeth can result in prolonged treatment time.

It is also imperative that you visit your general dentist for your regular dental check ups.


What to expect in the first few weeks of treatment

Orthodontic treatment takes time, so it is important not to expect any noticeable change for a while. Some discomfort and irritation is normal while your mouth adjusts to the braces; however this should become minimal after a week or so. Any discomfort you do experience can usually be relieved with over-the-counter pain relief.


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