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Orthopaedic appliances

Do you want to avoid complex orthodontic treatment in the future? Orthopaedic appliances have the potential to make that possible.

Orthopaedic appliances are used in growing patients who have jaw discrepancies. This form of treatment can prevent the need for more complex orthodontics or surgery later on in life.

At The Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic we provide the following orthopaedic appliances:

Expansion Plate

An expansion plate is used to assist in creating space in the upper jaw and to correct bite discrepancies that may exist due to the narrowness of the upper jaw. It is important to know that while expansion plates are removable, they will not work if they are removed for any length of time as any expansion achieved will relapse causing the patient to have to go through treatment again.

What does an expansion plate require?

Once the expansion plate has been properly fitted to the child’s mouth, Dr David Bachmayer will inform you of what needs to be done over the coming months. This includes when and how to turn a tiny screw at the base of the plate to gently expand
their jaw.

What does an expansion plate achieve?

An expansion plate serves to widen the upper jaw, thus creating a broader and more attractive smile. It is also effective in correcting bite discrepancies that can lead to problems with the jaw joints and teeth later in life. It is important that expansion be carried out whilst the jaws are still developing.


The Twin Block appliance

The Twin Block appliance is a removable appliance, but it is comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day. This appliance is made up of two separate plates that work together as one. The upper plate includes an optional expansion screw to widen your upper arch if needed, as well as pads to cover your molars. The lower plate may include pads to cover part of your lower teeth (your bicuspids). These two appliances interlock at an angle, and they move your lower jaw forward and lock it into the ideal position when you bite together. Over time this forced position will train correct oral posture and become an effortless and permanent position for the jaws. Compliance in wearing this appliance is essential in attaining a successful outcome for people with a recessive lower jaw who are still growing.

This appliance is designed to be worn full time, for a duration of about 9-12 months. This appliance can be used for adults and children, however is generally recommended for kids as their jaws are much easier to guide to the correct position while they are in their growth phase.


The Herbst appliance

The Herbst Appliance corrects jaw and tooth imbalances such as overbites by holding the lower jaw in a protrusive position. It is similar to the Twin Block Appliance except that it is not removable, thus not relying on the compliance of the patient for a
successful outcome.

This fixed appliance is most commonly used in non-compliant patients such as young adults. The Herbst appliance is very effective in correcting large overbites due to small or recessive lower jaws in patients that are growing and developing.

What should my child expect with the Herbst appliance?

When first administered, the appliance may feel a bit awkward and the back molars will likely not touch. Your child may also experience some sensitivity at the back of the teeth, however normal function and feeling should return with a week of the appliance
being fitted.

Taking care of your child’s appliance and oral health

Since the appliance is fixed to the teeth and is not removable, it is particularly important you place a strong focus on your child’s oral health during treatment. Take care to clean the region of the appliance that sits adjacent to your child’s gums, as this is the part that is most likely to be forgotten or neglected. Make sure your child avoids chewing gum or any sticky foods such as caramel, as these can become stuck in the appliance and be very difficult to remove.


Headgear appliance

Headgear is an appliance typically used in growing patients to correct overbites by holding back the growth of the upper jaw, allowing the lower jaw to catch up.

The headgear can also be used to make more space for teeth to come in. The headgear is then attached to the molars (via molar headgear bands and tubes), and helps to push or draw them backwards in the mouth. This opens up space for the front teeth to be moved back using braces and bands.

Headgear needs to be worn approximately 12 to 22 hours a day to be truly effective in correcting the overbite, and treatment is usually anywhere from 6 to 18 months in duration, depending on the severity of the overbite and how much a patient is growing.

Reverse Headgear is an appliance used in young growing individuals who have under-developed upper jaws. It acts by putting forward traction on the upper jaw so that it may “catch up” in growth to the lower jaw.


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