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Before treatment

Before you can embark on orthodontic treatment, we need to determine a few things. First of all, we want to make sure orthodontic treatment is right for you. If it is, we want to know which type of appliance you could benefit the most from. That is why we invite you in for a consultation.

Your first visit

At your first appointment with us, we will sit down with you to discuss the nature of your concerns. Please bring your x-rays and completed medical/dental history form.

This appointment is designed to inform you, in detail, about the nature and extent of the orthodontic treatment required.

We will:

  • Explain the treatment and the types of appliances that can be used to achieve the desired result
  • Explain the length of your treatment and what you can expect at each appointment
  • Answer all your questions relating to your orthodontic treatment and discuss the financial arrangement
  • Give you a detailed booklet including your photographs

If you are happy with everything we discuss during your consultation, we can book your next appointment to start treatment

This is our orthodontic commitment to you.


Our orthodontic commitment

By abiding by our orthodontic commitment to you we can ensure you are fully informed about your treatment prior to proceeding. This means you can make a fully informed decision as to whether or not you would like to proceed with orthodontic treatment with us.

At the Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic we will assess your needs and listen to your expectations so we can work together to cultivate a treatment plan to suit our combined expectations.


X-rays and photographs

We will ask you to bring x-rays to your consultation, and will take digital photographs of your teeth and face. X-rays help to determine the position of your teeth, jaws and
soft tissues.

X-rays and photographs will help us better understand your orthodontic needs, as well as discover any key issues that may be lying underneath the gums so they can be addressed if necessary.


Personalised treatment plan

At the end of your first visit, we will put together a treatment plan which you can take away with you. There's no obligation to embark on treatment with us, but this plan will outline the type of treatment you need, the cost and how long it will take.


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