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How do braces work?



When most of our patients think of braces, they think of the traditional method of braces. These are the metal ones which use brackets, archwires and elastics to move teeth into position. This method has been very effective in straightening teeth, and in fact, many other types of braces use this method as a foundation.

If you are having traditional metal braces, or a version thereof, to straighten your teeth, well start by fitting the small metal brackets to the front of your teeth. These brackets are bonded using a special type of orthodontic glue.

Once all of the brackets have been fitted to each of your teeth, we'll connect them with archwires. These are very thin metal wires. It is the archwires that apply pressure to your teeth to move them into position. This is done with gradual adjustments and tightening.

By the time you have your braces fitted to your teeth and the archwires threaded through, you're almost done. The final step in the process is the fitting of elastic bands, also known as ligatures. These hook over the top and bottom brackets, and help to provide gentle force which straightens your teeth.

For more information on the different types of braces we offer here at the Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic, take a look at our treatments section.

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