These days, numerous options exist for teeth straightening and there’s no doubt that Invisalign is a great option for numerous patients. However, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to see a general dentist or a specialist orthodontist for your treatment.

While numerous similarities exist between the two professionals, various differences distinguish them. For instance, all dentists and orthodontists graduate from dental school but from there, the latter takes a different path. They attend extra training and schooling to specialise in teeth straightening.

On the other hand, a general dentist isn’t fully trained to identify the nuances related to orthodontic treatment. If you’re uncertain about who best to visit for treatment, this guide will help clarify why you should see a specialist orthodontist rather than a general dentist for Invisalign treatment.

Specialist Orthodontists vs General Dentists

Keep in mind that orthodontists are dentists; they go through four years of dental school to become dentists. However, they devote an additional 2-3 years to orthodontics (the study of shifting teeth) after dental school to become specialists.

Once they receive certification, they practice orthodontics solely. Moreover, they focus their ongoing education on orthodontics and use the latest research and technology to offer tailored treatment plans. While general dentists can obtain advanced certification and training in using Invisalign, they aren’t orthodontic specialists.

The Treatment Plan and Diagnosis are Vital

An important consideration when choosing a provider to conduct any orthodontic case is that provider’s ability to diagnose the problem accurately and prescribe the most suitable treatment. An Orthodontist’s level of expertise are on a different platform to a general dentist.

Orthodontics goes Beyond the Teeth

These professionals study facial aesthetics and comprehend how tooth movement could change your smile line, facial profile, and general appearance. Consequently, they take a holistic treatment approach to consider your overall appearance together with your smile.

A Specialist Orthodontist Identifies the Source of the Problem

Invisalign isn’t a one size fix all form of treatment. The orthodontic tool requires specialised training and skill to attain excellent results. A specialist orthodontist will use their experience, expertise, and education to delve deep to ascertain the root of the problem and solve it in a healthy and sustainable way. All the while providing patients with an appealing smile and lasting outcome.

While a number of general dentists have considerable experience with Invisalign treatment, remember, orthodontists focus exclusively on orthodontic issues and have more experience handling specific cases. Moreover, they understand the best treatment approaches and how to prevent complications. In some cases,Invisalign may not be the best option for you. Your specialist orthodontist is best placed to advise alternative treatments.

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