What is the best age to get braces

A child’s mouth is still in the formative years of growing and changing, which can make it good time to start considering braces. Braces can help to correct many smile concerns such as an underbite, overbite, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth or uneven spacing between the teeth. These dental imperfections can worsen over time. Typically, they can result in lower self-esteem for children as they struggle to do normal everyday tasks like biting, chewing and speaking. Braces are often an ideal solution to correct the child’s smile. Braces are a time tested, proven treatment that will restore balance to the smile and create a healthier, functional smile. Though, the best age to get braces can depend on the orthodontic issue and the child’s dental development.

Talk to an Orthodontist Early

Permanent, adult teeth typically start to come in when a child reaches age six or seven. Most orthodontists agree that this is an ideal time for their first orthodontic appointment. This will allow the orthodontist to evaluate their bite.  It also allows for early action to make long-term treatment easier; enabling the teeth to be more effectively guided for future treatment.

Phase I Treatment

In younger children between the ages of six and ten, orthodontic treatment is typically recommended to create more space in the mouth for incoming adult teeth and address dental concerns. Referred to as Phase I, this treatment may use dental hardware such as partial braces or palatal expanders depending on the child’s needs. Not every child will need Phase I treatment.

Phase II Treatment

Once a child has all of their permanent teeth – typically around age 11 or 13 – an orthodontist may decide full braces will correct the smile. Phase II is generally started during the teenage years to achieve optimal results. However, braces can be used at nearly any age if the treatment is right.

What is the Best Age to Get Braces? It’s Different for Everyone

In any case, every person has their own unique smile. Each smile may have different issues and require different treatment to correct them. If there are smile concerns at any time, speak with your dentist and orthodontist

To determine when braces may be right for you or your child, book an appointment with Bachmayer Orthodontics.