Sleep apnoea

Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Do you suffer from sleep apnoea?

It is believed millions of people suffer from sleep apnoea but since they are asleep when the symptoms show they are unaware. The team at The Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic understands how important it is to diagnose and treat this debilitating condition, particularly as if left untreated, sleep apnoea can lead to further problems.

What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea results from the tongue and soft palate of your mouth collapsing onto the back of your throat while you sleep, obstructing the upper airway and restricting airflow. These obstructions often occur for more than 10 seconds at a time, at which time your brain signals the body and your adrenalin pumps, waking you via a gasp for breath. Once you breathe the obstruction is removed and you go back to sleep.

In severe cases, the obstructions could happen for as long as 40 seconds and as often as 60 times an hour.

Do I have sleep apnoea?

The obstructions and constant waking which result from sleep apnoea can leave you feeling tired, experiencing headaches and even depression. For many, gagging or gasping for air and even loud snoring is common during the night.

If these symptoms sound familiar to you, or if your partner has mentioned any of the above, it is important you have a sleep study conducted for a proper assessment.

Left untreated, sleep apnoea will not only continue to disrupt your sleep but it can also contribute to more serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

Treatment for sleep apnoea

For those with mild to moderate sleep apnoea, a dental device such as a mandibular advancement device/splint (MAD or MAS) might be used for treatment.

A MAD/ MAS is worn to open your airway by stopping your lower jaw, tongue and associated soft tissue from collapsing during sleep by keeping it forward. This keeps your airways open, reducing the snoring and sleep apnoea episodes.

Once you have had your consultation with Dr Bachmayer and he has provided your device or splint you may also need periodical adjustment to ensure it works to its very best ability.

If you have severe sleep apnoea, a CPAP machine may be needed to provide continuous airflow. Dr Bachmayer will advise you on whether this is appropriate.

Next steps

If you or a loved one suffers from sleep apnoea, arrange a consultation with Dr Bachmayer.

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