Clear braces

Clear braces

Choose a less conspicuous brace option

At The Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic we understand you want a less obvious solution to straightening your smile than traditional metal braces. Our answer: clear or ceramic braces. These use transparent (or tooth-coloured ceramic) brackets that are much less conspicuous. 

What are clear or ceramic braces?

Clear or ceramic braces are the same concept as normal braces but are designed to look more discreet. They blend in with your natural teeth because the brackets are made of translucent or tooth coloured material. They are crafted from ceramic alloys, and due to their transparency they also are a great option for adults who want a subtle and less obvious alternative to straighten their teeth. 

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What are the benefits of clear or ceramic braces?

Some teenagers and adults prefer this treatment option because the braces are less conspicuous than metal braces.

  • Ceramic braces are a great choice as the material the brackets are made out of does not stain the teeth during treatment.
  • Ceramic braces are just as strong as conventional braces, which means the same result without the obstruction to aesthetics.
  • Because ceramic braces are less obvious, you will not feel as rushed to complete the treatment thus resulting in a better and more pleasing result.
  • Patients find this treatment option more comfortable than metal braces. 

Taking care of your clear or ceramic braces

Maintaining your oral health during orthodontic treatment is imperative to prevent dental issues such as dental decay or gum disease, as these can occur more easily throughout your treatment. This is because food particles are more likely to become stuck in the braces and will require prompt removal. To ensure your oral health throughout your treatment, see our resources on caring for your braces.

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