Choosing to get your teeth straightened can be a major decision. There are a few things to consider, too, including time commitment, convenience, and appearance. The results of a straighter smile can last a lifetime, giving your teeth an ideal position, proper function, and improving the look of your smile. If you’re looking into invisible teeth straightening solutions, you may be asking – how effective is Invisalign?

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is an innovative tooth straightening system. It uses 3D-printed clear aligners to move the teeth the same way traditional metal braces would. The overall treatment consists of a series of aligner trays, each worn for 1-2 weeks at a time.

These invisible braces are just as effective as metal braces. Both systems use pressure to move your teeth into a more desirable position. However, the highly customised and specialised Invisalign aligners allow pressure to be placed on certain teeth during a certain point of treatment, making the aligners highly effective for long-term results.

How Effective Is Invisalign? Just As Effective As Metal Braces!

Besides being effective at correcting a number of common orthodontic problems, Invisalign offers a myriad of other benefits. Each tray is completely removable, so you have the freedom to drink and eat the foods you desire without restrictions. Removing the aligners to brush your teeth allows the best opportunity for the most improved oral hygiene. They are also nearly invisible, so you can subtly straighten your teeth without much impact on your speech and confidence. Invisalign fits in to your lifestyle!

Patient’s Responsibility

Patients play a big part in the effectiveness of their Invisalign treatment. While you can – and should – remove the trays to eat and clean your teeth, you should aim to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, every day. If you remove them too often, it will impact the effectiveness of your treatment. Invisalign relies on your compliance and self motivation!

It should also be noted that Invisalign isn’t suitable for all kinds of orthodontic issues. Failure to have the right treatment for the right case can result in an unsatisfactory end-result. But, if you are a candidate for Invisalign and you wear your aligners as directed, you can look forward to straighter teeth for the rest of your life.

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